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Streaming Platforms

What you need to know before submitting your music.

Short answer is: nothing. Long answer is that on an average basis Spotify requieres you to have around 1 million plays to pay you around 6,000 USD and indie artists barely reach 1,000 plays in the course of a year, which would roughly translate into 6 dollars. That refers only to Spotify which is one of the highest paying platforms, so in other words, don't count on royalty payments to make a living out of them.

The real benefit from these services (Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, Pandora, etc.) is that your music will be available to any part of the world; never before in the history of music this have been possible, not even 10+ years ago with the arrival of Myspace. This potential is unvaluable to everyone, not only because of its worldwide extent but also because of its availability directly on mobile devices.

The access to these services is regulated by the "aggregator" to guarantee that quality and format specs are met. Those organizations charge for their services (as we all do) but their prices are very reasonable and go from 29 to 59 USD per album. Today the most reliable are CD Baby and Music Core which also take a small percentage from your royalties.

Be very careful with those services that claim to not take any part from your royalties because very often they charge a fixed yearly fee which ends up being higher than the percentage any other would take based on your yearly streams.

All of my masters are fully-compliant with streaming services regulations, they are calibrated at -14 LUFS with a true peak of -0.5 dB which gives more than enough headroom to be compressed to streaming formats (mp3 and AAC).

Of course they are! The best choice is Youtube because you won't need an aaggregator which will save you money and the process of submission which could take up to 2 weeks for you to see your music published. Besides, if you upload your videos with audio in wav format, your music won't be compressed too much for those who watch ar 1080p. The only downside is that the Youtube Music app is not included in mobile data celular plans, other than that is your best choice by far, specially if you make lyric videos.




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Mastering for vinyl

When you order your mastering for CD and streaming, you get the mastering for vinyl at half the price.

It's very important to master for this format because it is quite different due to limitations on the final media.

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