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Music Production

There are a ton of artists investing all of their money to record their album just to then find out that the audience don't listen to it on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, etc. and worse yet, they won't buy it.

And no, it has nothing to do with the audience. It's not because they don't support independent music or because they only want "commercial" music. When the people don't want to listen to a song it's either because the song is not interesting enough or the sound is not good enough. Sadly, in the indie circuit most of the times it is due to both reasons.

Music production gives your music the necessary impact to be interesting and memorable for the audience to make them actually listening to it and then buying it.

Releases produced by me

3 songs from 2 different artsts, listen to any of them for for 2 or 3 times and I can asure you that they will get stuck in your head.

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The process

Is not enough to just go to the recording studio, to get a proper record. Production is necessary and I'll tell you why.

The foundation of all the music industry is, and has always been the songs so it is vital to always choose your A+'s. Sometimes it's necessary to push further the artist's creativity, sometimes there are perfect songs the way they are and sometimes a minor tweak will do. That's why I will carefully listen with you the whole repertory to help the band shape the songs to make them accesible to the audience but always preserving the songs' escence and artistic value.

It's very common that artists spend most of their buget in by-the-hour rates at the recording studio. In order to make the most of your tight budget, my job as a producer is to polish each musician performance before entering the studio. I don't sell recording studio hours but the experience of a consistent and remarkable perfomance.

Another basic aspect is the sound quality. To me it's crucial to use the best instruments available with the best A/D conversion and the highest sample rate conversion plus top notch microphones and hardware. Most recording studios make their tracking and mixing at 48 KHz –to economize disc space and processing power–, my productions are recorded with Avid and MOTU interfaces with a resolution of 24 bits @ 96 KHz (192 KHz if possible) and I use Neuman, Shure and Beyerdynamic micrphones, Avalon and Eddax preamps, and dbx compressors.

This is another task that really drains the artists' budget because after so many time working on the same music it gets very difficult to take objective decisions regarding their own work in terms of instrument volume, panning or presence. When there is no producer involved, there is no one to take care of such important decisions other than the studio engineer who is not really committed to your music or if it sells or not.

In my case, I get completly invoved with your music and concept because my goal -as well as yours- is that your record reaches the audience (preserving your esence and style) and they buy it. To do so, I include the mix in the initial fee, regardless of the hours it takes to be done.

On the other hand, mastering is my specialty, I treat the sound to give its best performance in every playback system. It's not only to turn the volume up or to widen the sound, well there is plenty of info about this in the mastering section.

The album artwork is essential for the the artists. It is the first glimpse of your concept that the audience will have before listening to anything. My job as a producer is to translate your concept into images and visual concepts that will impact the audience. If you already have the visual artist I can provide guidance to ensure that the final work will achieve the goal, if you don't have one I work with specialists that will develop your ideas and turn them into a viusal concept.

We take care of everything: color, ontrast, light, typography, writting, website and everything you'll need to have a clear communication with your fans. Plus, we oversee all the technical details like the files for CD pressing so you won't have then rejected over and over again by the pressing plant.

The final piece of a successful production is to put together a live show. Is on the live shows that the actual earnings for the band reside. A well-produced album along with a very intense promotion and marketing work will make the fans want to see you onstage, pay for a ticket and a CD or a digital download and in return your job will be to give them the time of their lives when they come to see your show.

My job is to help you prepare that show, with visual aids, script for lights programming, stage plot, input list, rider, script for the band to behave during the show, setlists, execution and stage presence.

Listen to other productions

Here are 3 samples of artists that are currently in the making so as with TAW, you can hear a high-quality sound but also songs that get stuck in your head after listening to them 2 o 3 times.

Productions in the making

Folk (mastered)

EBM (vocals work-in-progress)

Rock pop (vocals work-in-progress)

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It's time for your music to sell!

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More samples

Here are some examples of the extra-album work done for TAW; more samples of more artists to come.

Show intro

This video was created to play right before the band takes the stage, its intention is to cheer up the audience and make the band look more professional.

Vocals rehearsal

This arrangement was created specifically for the live show, I supervised all rehearsals and this video was also used to promote the show in social media.

The audience response

The actual goal for an album is to bring people to the shows to sing along with the band. That's what makes them become loyal fans who pay for records, tickets and merch.

Preview clip

This video was made to promote the first single of the album, I did it along with the lyric video. Both of them worked very well and the band just made a small investment.

Official video

Official video to promote the song "Vera" from María Ferrina who's budget was very short by then

Photo shoot

I will assist the artists to help them get the best face and body expression to communicate their concept.

Photo shoot

I will assist the artists to help them get the best face and body expression to communicate their concept.


Call me at +52 442 489 1873

It's time for your music to sell!

Email me

Currently in the making

María Ferrina - Cuentos del Nuevo Mundo (EP)

Joso Zabaleta - De esos amores (album - working title)

Synthax Xtructure - Last Human (EP)

Lester Franco - Fish (Leningrad cover)

María Ferrina - Voces de Copal (album)