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Mastering free trial

Listen to my mastering service directly on your own music.

Nothing can give you more certainty about my mastering service than to try it on your own songs. This is why I'm offering you the opportunity to send me a song and I will master it for free. See the rules below.

Upload your song    
  • Fill up the form and upload your file using the site's uploader or use any service like WeTransfer, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. Just remember to follow the guidelines about how to deliver a song for mastering. More info

  • When it is ready you will be able to download the song, so you must test it in any playback device other than where the mix was done, preferably in a high-end player and also in limited players like Bluetooth portable speakers, and in all formats like mp3 and AAC. Be aware that the file will contain the NMS® branding at 60-seconds intervals.

    Unlock it   
  • If you like the sound you must do one of the following to remove the audio branding mark:
    • Write a positive review in NMS's Facebook page or
    • Share the contact of 5 fellow musicians that may be interested in mastering or
    • Positively mention @noisemastering in Twitter or
    • Share with me the contact of a record label that could be interested in mastering or
    • Master your record with me at regular rate, the demo song will be free of course

  • Once done one of the previously mentioned actions you will have your song ready for use in any platform because I'll give you two versions, one for CD (-12 LUFS) and one for streaming (-14 LUFS) both in Wave format, plus the song in a 320 kbps mp3 file and another one in iTunes Plus AAC format for a total of 4 fully-funtional files at no charge.

    More than 500 mastered albums

    From all genres around the world

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    Tke your music to a whole new level.

    Abide to the rules

    The offer is subject to the following rules.

    • One song per artist.
    • One song per record (album, single, EP).
    • No mp3 or aac
    • Reviews must be at least 60-character long.
    • Contacts provided must be real and viable.

    Call me or whatsapp me at +52 1 442 489 1873

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    Current Rates available for a limited time

    • Mastered for iTunes
    • Volume calibrated for streaming platforms
    • Volume calibrated for CD
    • DDP image for CD pressing at no extra charge
    • 16 bits @ 44.1 KHz Wav format files
    • HD 24 bits @ 96 KHz Wav format files
    • Ask for a free trial

    Mastering for vinyl

    When you order your mastering for CD and streaming, you get the mastering for vinyl at half the price.

    It's very important to master for this format because it is quite different due to limitations on the final media.

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