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The difference is very important

Most mastering studios deliver one master for everything but there are notable differences between a master for CD a master for digital release and a master for vinyl release. My mastering service delivers two masters: one for CD and one for streaming platforms at no extra charge. You can get a vinyl-oriented master for half the price of the standard mastering and believe me, it's worth it!


The main difference with the master for CD is the overall volume, in streaming platforms is around -14 dBFS RMS, but it is also very important to preserve between 0.5 and 1 dB of headroom for your music to correctly translate to lossy formats like mp3 and AAC. If it's converted from CD volume there are several intersample peaks that can translate into undesirable artifacts for the listener. It is not enough to just turn down the volume, one have make the most of the added dynamic range.

Example 1 - Mastered for streaming


A vinyl disc has a very special sound but it is a very technically-limited playback media, not only in overall volume but also in width and frequency response. The sound cannot be as wide as in digital media and we can't use too much of digital processes like K-Stereo; there are also many limitations on the frequency range. To make this a bit more understabtable, the total playback length may affect how low you can go in frequency range and the overall distortion increases as you are approaching the disc's center.

Example 1 - Mastered for vinyl


This is the mastering considered as standard for most studios, although it allows a lot of loudness, this advantage has resulted in a lot of abuse with squashed records that end up beign very ear-fatiguing, specially in studios that are not specialized in mastering. If you master with me, I will deliver your masteri with -10 dBFS RMS and maximum peak of -0.1 dB, these values allow to make the most of the overall volume and will also allow the highest dynamic range, maintaining a 'glued' and aesthetic sound.

Example 1 - Mastered for CD

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Mastering for vinyl

When you order your mastering for CD and streaming, you get the mastering for vinyl at half the price.

It's very important to master for this format because it is quite different due to limitations on the final media.

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