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High Quality Audio Mastering

Each and every production is unique and I'll put all my expertise and care in your music.

I have more than 15 years in mastering and over 500 records mastered for artist all around the world: México, Canada, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Russia, Germany, USA, etc. In all musical genres and from all kinds of mixes, from records in HD to records done in home studios.

All productions that come to me are carefully listened to determine the right chain of processing to highlight its streghts and streghten its weakneses so it can reach its full potential of performance.

Each album, EP or single is mastered under the following principles:
  • Not all productions need the same processors and techniques
  • Not all processors sound good in all music
  • The sound must be tight but very dynamic
  • The resulting sound must be clear and clean but always strong
  • Your music must retain the listeners attention
  • Your music must be processed with the best resolution

All the projects I master will deliver their best performance on all playback systems, from limited speakers like laptops or bluetooth portables to high-end systems with large extended sepakers; they also will perfectly translate to lossy formats like mp3 and AAC. I will deliver the following:

  • Files in PCM format with standard resolution (16 bits @ 44.1 KHz Wav format)
  • DDP Image if you are pressing CDs
  • Consistent volume along the whole record
  • Well-calibrated volume for streaming services and CD
  • Consistent texture and character along the whole record
  • Your record complying with the Mastered for iTunes standard

Mastering demos

Listen to the sound of my masters in the genre of your interest (more genres to come).

Demo of the month (Rap/Trap)

Before mastering

After mastering

More than 500 records mastered

All genres from all over the world

This is what I'll do to your mixes

Every record is different so there is no preset processing chain until I carefully listen to your music.

I'll make sure that all frequencies are perfectly balanced and none of them has more energy than what is needed, this happen very often because in all mixing rooms there is a lot of comb filtering that can mislead the ear in one or more given frequencies. Standing waves are also very common in home studios where one frequency literally disappears in the sweet spot due to reflection cancelling, this will always be my first step when mastering.

This is, to myself, the most important part of mastering, this is where the music gets a tight and powerful sound but without squashing it; It has to be done very carefully because one mix may need say a VCA compressor and another may need vari-mu compression, whereas another may ask for digital-clean compression and another will ask for an analog-tube compressor. The compression techniques are very sophisticated because sometimes a mix will ned some parallel compression or maybe downward expansion so this is a very important topic where I will spend a lot of time with your music.

There are mixes that sound opaque, sometimes they come to life by passing through the valves of a processor, other benefit from solid-state circuitry and other might need something more powerful like a harmonics exciter. There are other mixes that only need a push on certain frequencies, being with an EQ or a mastering tonal shaper.

Sometimes mixes sound a little "flat" or too "narrow" to make good impact on the listener, when a record's stereo image is weak, it may be interpreted as a "small" non-professional record. When a mix needs depth I enhance it on the digital domain while the stereo image depends on the need, it could be digital or analog.

When all other aspects of sound are done, it is time to ensure that the overall loudness is enjoyable but also within the parameters of commercial playback volume. This stage I work always on the digital domain, it's just a matter of personal taste.


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Current Rates available for a limited time

  • Mastered for iTunes
  • Volume calibrated for streaming platforms
  • Volume calibrated for CD
  • DDP image for CD pressing at no extra charge
  • 16 bits @ 44.1 KHz Wav format files
  • HD 24 bits @ 96 KHz Wav format files

Mastering for vinyl

When you order your mastering for CD and streaming, you get the mastering for vinyl at half the price.

It's very important to master for this format because it is quite different due to limitations on the final media.

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