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Physycal and digital stores and streaming services

UPC barcodes for your record

Unique and valid codes for your music to sell worldwide.

To distribute your new record you need a barcode. Being for a CD, a vinyl, a cassette tape or for any digital store like iTunes and Google Play a valid barcode is mandatory, even for streaming services like Spotify, Youtube, iHeart Radio and so on.

Barcodes can be UPC or EAN, the difference between both formats is just one digit but both of them have the same validity worldwide so you may use them freely. In Noise Mastering Studio® we provide you with 12-digit UPC format codes. If your aggregator such as CD baby or Tunecore asks you for 13 digits (EAN formats) you just need to add a preceeding zero and voilá.

Do NOT ever try to use a barcode downloaded from a Google image because is either a non-existent/invalid code or worse, it's a code that has already being assigned to another produtc. Either way, you may get into a lot of trouble.

Get your codes

The process is easier than you think

  • Indicate your record's size (album, single, EP)
  • Indicate the artist and record's name
  • Send this info to noisemastering@gmail.com
  • You will receive a PayPal invoice with the total amount
  • Once the payment is done, you will receive your codes within 48 business hours in hi-res JPG format
You will only need a single barcode for each record no matter in how many formats you intent to release it (physical, digital or streaming) as long as they have the same tracklist but if you include say, a bonus track for the CD, then you will need another barcode for it.

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