Sound coloration, volume and panning for each element


Your current mix doesn't meet your expectations?


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Multitrack Mix

Audio mix with the finest sound, each instrument's sound is carefully crafted and then put into the mix in its right place.

Mixing a song is an art, let alone a full record, each and every element of the song has to be in its right place, in volume and panning and must interact clean an clearly with each other. A fine mixing job and crystal-clear sound is needed regardless of the genre, from the smoothness of a lieder where only a piano and a voice is present to the full-throtle needs for a metal song or a full-on big band project.

Send me over your music, no matter what editor you used (Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Logic, etc.) and I'll deliver to you the finest sound possible from your sources, always remember that the better the tracking, the better the mix. Listen to a couple of examples on the videos at the right.

Listen to some examples

Don't forget to put them on the highest playback quality, use headphones if possible to appreciate it with more detail

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Mix repair

Your current mix doesn't meet your expectations? Let me help you.

Is very frustrating when after several weeks, months and in some cases years your mix ends up sounding poorly. There are many reasons why a mix can't be wrapped up but the feeling is always the same: frustration. If you feel that your mix should sound better, chances are, it must sound better and if you let me help you, it will.

Send me the raw tracking, if you have it, if not, ask the recording studio for the raw tracking files, don't worry, they're yours, there are a few studios who deny that right; what you are not entitled to is to have the processed files, they are property of the recording studio.

Listen to the difference

These examples are not mastered therefore, you might want to turn up your speakers' volume.


Original mix (mastered at LANDR)

Repaired mix (before mastering)

Mexican folk

Original mix

Repaired mix

The processors I use

My main interest is in plugins that offer high quality and precision, both in the signal processing and a sound with strong character as well. I put a lot of care in using the right tools for each necessity, for example, if I need some bus compression I use a bus compressor and I do not use analog emulations just because I have them but because the sound requires it, and always using only those that offer superior sound.

  Developer Procesors/Bundle Description
Waves Mercury Bundle This bundle contains all plugins developed by Waves, a company that has been world leaders since the very beginnings of digital audio and plugins. They were also part of the first analog emulations and 64-bit processing plugins developers. Their quality is unmatched and perhaps, these plugins are the best or at least among the very best-sounding in the market.
McDSP All-Access Bundle McDSP is also part of the first breed of audio plugins developers, their quality was so high back in the day (and still is) that their plugins were only available for Pro Tools HD. Something that fascinates me is that apart from their precision, they don't spend that much time makeing emulations of vintage gear but rather to develop their own sound. The All-Access bundle allows me to use all of their available plugins.
PSP MixPressor2, BussPressor, MixBass, MixTreble, MixSaturator2 PSP is a company that offers very high quality plugins, all of them with a very characteristic sound or should I say, sound with character; without question, this is one of the best options whenever I need an analog sound without trying to emulate any specific processor.
Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack Bundle All of Nomad Factory at my disposal, although I really got this bundle because of their Blue Tubes and Liquid series, they are precise, great-sounding and very low CPU-demanding; Magma and Magnetic, two of the best tape saturation plugins, are also among my favorite processors.
Sonalksis Studio Bundle One Sonalksis is not a very known brand and they have a handful of plugins, hawever or because of this, their plugins are very fine, precise and with unprecedented clarity, and have been in my plugin arsenal for almost 10 years. Is very rare that my mixes don't have at least the MV-315 MK2 compressor on one instrument and, to my ears, the SV-719 is the best noise-gate plugin availble.
Vladg Sound Molot, Proximity, Nova 67P, Limiter No6 Developed personally by Vladislav Goncharov, a Rusian mathematician who has found a way to offer high-quality processors with a cool look and a very easy GUI. Their precise calculations and the flexibility of their controls are impressive because the plugins also have an analog character that makes them unique.